Procedure for initiating trial collaborations with CR UK & UCL Cancer Trials Centre (CTC)

Statement to Chief Investigators:

Please contact the CTC before funding is obtained, ideally at least 3 months ahead of any grant application deadline. Referrals will then pass through the internal Trial Review Group process (which occurs approximately twice per month), where the CTC determines whether the study fits in with its portfolio and expertise, scientific interest, and whether resources would be available.

The CTC reserve the right not to consider any new outline application within 5 weeks of the deadline for submission, or within 8 weeks for a full application. This is to ensure that (i) the application has been properly reviewed and edited by all of the co-investigators, (ii) the CTC has time to estimate financial costs, and (iii) the final version of the application produced has a higher chance of success.

  • If pharmaceutical industry support is being sought, please involve the CTC in negotiations as soon as possible especially if trial drugs will be supplied and/or funding will be requested.
  • Laboratories carrying out analysis of biological samples for the purpose of determining eligibility or the result of a primary or secondary endpoint, must have appropriate accreditation and/or standard operating procedures in place.
  • Near final grant applications must be available at least 48 hours before the application deadline, to allow UCL finance approval to be obtained. The CR UK submission process, for example, will fail if host institution sign-off is not complete.
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