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About the CTC

The CR UK & UCL CTC was formed in 1997 following an amalgamation of 3 trials groups; the Cancer Research Campaign (CRC) Lung Group/London Lung Cancer Group, the BNLI (British National Lymphoma Investigation)/CRC Lymphoma Group and one further CRC trials group based at King College London.

CR UK & UCL CTC is a UKCRC Registered Clinical Trials Unit which manages all aspects of trial design, conduct and analysis and has a dedicated group to manage the complex legal and regulatory procedures, pharmacovigilance and contractual requirements.

The CTC is a research department within UCL Cancer institute and is one of the four constituent Trials Units in the Institute of Clinical Trials and Methodology (ICTM). The CTC has close links with the CR UK Centre at UCL

Trials at the CTC cover a range of tumour types, most of which are based on evaluating anticancer drugs, radiotherapy or surgery. These studies arise through our experience, national and international contacts with clinical academics, the Clinical Studies Groups of the NCRI, and local collaborations at UCL.

Studies within the scope of the CTC include both early and late phase trials (including advanced therapies) in the following areas; brain, gynaecological, haematological, head & neck (including thyroid), lower gastrointestinal, lung, prostate, sarcoma and upper gastrointestinal.

Find who to contact

Who to contact at the CTC:

Contact is usually made via the relevant Trials Group Lead, Director or Deputy Director

▹ Advanced therapies
Yenting Ngai
▹ Brain cancer
▹ Haematological cancer
Laura Clifton-Hadley
▹ Gynaecological cancer
▹ Lung cancer
Laura Farrelly
▹ Head & neck Cancer (inc. thyroid)
▹ Lower gastro-intestinal cancer
▹ Prostate cancer
▹ Sarcoma/bone
▹ Upper gastro-intestinal cancer
Laura White
▹ Lung cancer
▹ Thyroid cancer
▹ Epidemiological & medical statistics
▹ Medical screening
▹ Tobacco and health
Allan Hackshaw

Iris profile
Other principle contacts
Nicky Gower
Regulatory Manager
Roisin Beehag
Regulatory Manager (Quality)

Training Education & Staff Development Lead
Jane Wooders
Finance Manager
Services that are and are not provided by CTC

As a Clinical Trials Unit based in a University, the CTC provides coordination, management and analyses of cancer clinical trials, and works with established networks of hospital sites.

The CTC is not able to provide ‘out of hours’ cover and therefore would delegate necessary out of hours functions as follows:

Delegated to:
All Trials:
Provision of access to 24hr medical care for trial patients
Investigators/trial sites (covered in site agreements & protocol. Sites also provide patients with trial specific patient card on which site contact details are added)
For trials involving a product supplied for the trial:
Access to out of hours drug specific advice for hospital site staff
Out of hours decision to recall product
Out of hours notification of hospital sites/pharmacies in the event of decision to recall product
Manufacturer/supplier – or contracted third party undertaking distribution (if latter, it will need to be clear who is responsible for payment)

Procedure for initiating trial collaborations with the CTC

Statement to Chief Investigators:

Please contact the CTC before funding is obtained, ideally at least 3 months ahead of any grant application deadline. Referrals will then pass through the internal Trial Review Group process (which occurs approximately twice per month), where the CTC determines whether the study fits in with its portfolio and expertise, scientific interest, and whether resources would be available.

The CTC reserve the right not to consider any new outline application within 5 weeks of the deadline for submission, or within 8 weeks for a full application. This is to ensure that (i) the application has been properly reviewed and edited by all of the co-investigators, (ii) the CTC has time to estimate financial costs, and (iii) the final version of the application produced has a higher chance of success.

If pharmaceutical industry support is being sought, please involve the CTC in negotiations as soon as possible especially if trial drugs will be supplied and/or funding will be requested.

Laboratories carrying out analysis of biological samples for the purpose of determining eligibility or the result of a primary or secondary endpoint, must have appropriate accreditation and/or standard operating procedures in place.

Near final grant applications must be available at least 48 hours before the application deadline, to allow UCL finance approval to be obtained. The CR UK submission process, for example, will fail if host institution sign-off is not complete.

Contact Us
Cancer Research UK & UCL Cancer Trials Centre
University College London
90 Tottenham Court Road

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+44 (0)20 7679 9898 (General CTC Enquiries)
020 7679 9899
University College London, Gower Street, London, WC1E 6BT +44 (0)20 7679 2000

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