AVENuE Trial open to recruitment
23 October 2019
A new trial for patients with newly diagnosed Hodgkin lymphoma opened to recruitment in September at the Churchill Hospital in Oxford. The trial is run by the CR UK & UCL Cancer Trials Centre and is supported by Pfizer Ltd. The trial is being run in collaboration with researchers in Melbourne, Australia. 

AVENuE is a single arm, phase II trial that will recruit patients who have newly diagnosed Hodgkin lymphoma. Patients who take part in the trial will have four doses (8 weeks) of treatment with a monoclonal antibody called avelumab before they start their standard chemotherapy. The trial aims to find out how well patients’ disease responds to avelumab treatment, what side effects people treated with avelumab experience, and whether standard chemotherapy can be given at full dose and without delays after avelumab.

Based on the results of another UCL CTC trial, RATHL , which completed recruitment in in 2012, patients’ chemotherapy after avelumab will be tailored based on the results of PET-CT scans carried out during chemotherapy: less intensive for patients with negative PET scans showing their disease has responded well, more intensive for patients whose disease has responded less well.

AVENuE will be run at 10 hospitals in the UK and 1 in Australia, and 47 patients will take part. AVENuE is due to complete recruitment in late 2020. There is more information about the AVENuE trial on the UCL CTC website.  

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