100 patients give PEACE a chance
14 September 2018
Last month saw the CTC’s PEACE study recruit its hundredth patient.

Funded by Cancer Research UK, patients taking part in the pioneering study have agreed to the donation of tissue samples after death, taken from both their cancer tumour and from normal tissue in other parts of the body. Using these, as well as a series of blood samples, researchers are hoping to understand more about how cancer develops and spreads, why treatment stops working, and how the body reacts in its final stages.

The research is particularly important for brain tumours (and other cancers—such as lung cancer—which often spread to the brain) as it is difficult to obtain samples of these when a patient is still alive. In this way, although patients taking part in PEACE do not benefit directly from the study, their involvement could be life-changing for cancer patients in the future. 

The principal investigator for the study at UCLH, Dr Mariam Jamal-Hanjani (pictured), remarked: ‘We are truly thankful to the patients and relatives who have participated in PEACE. Their support and contribution is enabling doctors and scientists to gain a deep understanding of cancer, and I am hopeful that this will improve the way in which we treat patients in the future.’

PEACE is bringing together cancer specialists from across the UK and collaborating with scientists worldwide. In total, the study is looking for 500 patients to participate; recruitment is taking place at seven hospitals in the UK and is projected to continue until 2021.

More information about the trial can be found here.

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