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Trial status:
Active (recruiting)
Recruitment start date:
BCRT: the Bone Cancer Research Trust
Chief Investigator:
Prof Sandra Strauss
Recruitment target:
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Lay summary:
Improving outcomes through Collaboration in OsteosarComa
Design: Prospective observational cohort study.

No treatments are specified in ICONIC. Patients should be treated according to national guidelines including UK guidelines for the management of bone sarcomas and applicable current and future NICE guidance. 

Duration of recruitment: No treatment is prescribed for this trial, but patients will be followed up for up to four years after registration.
To improve treatment and outcomes for patients with osteosarcoma (OS) by establishing a clinically annotated cohort of newly diagnosed patients with OS with longitudinal collection of biospecimens.
Trial protocols
Trial protocols must not be applied to patients treated outside trials. UCL CTC can only ensure that approved trial investigators are provided with amendments to protocols.
NameVersionCurrent versRelease dateDownload
ICONIC Current Protocol5 Current 17/03/2023
Trial documents
NameTypeVersionCurrent versRelease dateDownload
ICONIC Chemo Sites Source Data Collection FormsOthern/a Current 04/12/2023
ICONIC Consent AdultInformedConsentForm6 Current 17/03/2023
ICONIC Consent Parent/GuardianInformedConsentForm9 Current 20/06/2023
ICONIC Consultee Declaration FormInformedConsentForm3 Current 17/03/2023
ICONIC CTC Sample WorksheetWorksheet1 Current 25/10/2019
ICONIC ctDNA Sample WorksheetWorksheet1 Current 25/10/2019
ICONIC DB GuidanceGuidanceDdocument1 Current 25/10/2019
ICONIC Germline Sample WorksheetWorksheet1 Current 25/10/2019
ICONIC GP LetterGPletter3 Current 17/03/2023
ICONIC Lab ManualGuidanceDdocument5 Current 20/05/2022
ICONIC PIS 06 - 09 yrsPatientInformationSheet1 Current 07/03/2019
ICONIC PIS 10 - 12 yrsPatientInformationSheet1 Current 07/03/2019
ICONIC PIS 13 - 15 YrsPatientInformationSheet5 Current 24/05/2023
ICONIC PIS AdultPatientInformationSheet4 Current 17/03/2023
ICONIC PIS Consultee PatientInformationSheet3 Current 17/03/2023
ICONIC PIS Parent/Legal GuardianPatientInformationSheet6 Current 24/05/2023
ICONIC Protocol Version HxGuidanceDdocumentn/a Current 22/06/2023
ICONIC Pt Info version HxGuidanceDdocumentn/a Current 07/08/2023
ICONIC Surgery Site Source Data Collection FormOthern/a Current 11/06/2020
ICONIC Surgery Sites Source Data Collection FormsOthern/a Current 11/06/2020
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