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F.Hoffmann-La Roche Ltd
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Charles Swanton
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Deciphering Anti-tumour Response and Resistance With INtratumour Heterogeneity
Design: DARWIN II is a phase II multi-centre non-randomised trial for NSCLC patients to study tumour heterogeneity using genomic analysis. The trial will only be opened in sites participating in the TRACERx study.

Arm 1 patients will receive MPDL3280A (Atezolizumab) for 24 cycles. After completion of treatment, patients will be followed up 3 monthly until progression or for 2 years post the end of treatment. 

Arm 2/Arm 3 patients will receive Vemurafenib (Arm 2) or Alectinib (Arm 3) twice a day until disease progression. For administrative purposes treatment is divided into 28 day cycles. Patients will be seen monthly.

Arm 4 patients will receive Trastuzumab Entamsine on day 1 of a 21 day cycle, and should be treated until disease progression.

For TRACERx patients, follow up will then continue under the TRACERx protocol for as long as TRACERx remains open. For non-TRACERx patients or where TRACERx is closed, patients will revert to routine follow up.

Key inclusion/exclusion criteria: Patients must have multi-region sequencing data of the primary tumour available and must be willing to have a biopsy of relapsed disease. Patients must have the absence of sensitizing EGFR mutation. Non-TRACERx patients must have at least two archival tissue/DNA samples available. Patients must not have a history of other malignancy, previous anti-cancer therapy (within 14 days) or palliative radiotherapy (within 1 week) prior to registration. Patients with pre-exisiting interstitial lung disease or that are suitable for radical radiotherapy are excluded.
Duration of recruitment: Timelines are dependent on the recruitment and subsequent relapse of patients on the TRACERx study – approx. 4 years.
The trial aims to explore whether mutational burden and neo-antigen repertoire predict for improved progression free survival and anti-PDL1 mAb immunotherapy for those patients with stage III/IV NSCLC (patients in whose tumour lacks an actionable mutation).
For those patients with actionable BRAFV600 mutations, HER2 amplification and HER2 IHC2+/3+ or ALK/RET gene fusions this trial aims to assess the role of clonal dominance on the mechanisms of action and response to Vemurafenib, Trastuzumab Emtansine and Alectinib, respectively.

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